How to choose the right name for your brand

3 Tips to help you choose a name for your business

The name you choose for your brand impacts the way your product or service is perceived. Here
are 3 simple tips to help you make the right choice:

  1. Use a name that is both distinctive and memorable. It should describe what your company does. Consumers are more likely to remember your company’s name if it means something. E.g. HotMail, Photoshop…
  2. Choose a web-friendly name that you can also use as your domain name and on the Internet. Eventually, the name of your brand will become a keyword that customers will search online, so make sure to choose a unique one!
  3. Keep it simple! The name of your business should be short and easy to pronounce, it will make it more memorable. A name that is easy and fun to say will stick in your consumers’ minds and they’re more likely to recall it when searching or buying your product. E.g. Google, Apple, Coca-Cola…